Business and Frivolity in the Washington, DC Area, August 1 thru 2, 2003


I go to McLean, VA to meet with producer/director, Richard Michaels Stefanik to discuss my screenplay.  We poorly choose Wiseacres Comedy Club as our meeting place, where I bump into all my good Wiseacres pals -- highly distracting.  But we manage to get a lot discussed, then stay to watch Jan McGinnis, who's got a hysterical show.  Then, of course, in true Wiseacres tradition, it was important to head to Mr. Smith's afterwards for more camaraderie.  


Here's my company at Mr. Smith's...Joe Deeley, Basil White, Richard Michaels Stefanik, and Mark Matusof.


A shot of me and my good buddy, Mark.



The always-lovely Joe Deeley: "happy Joe," and "sexy Joe."


It gets late, and I decide that driving back to Harrisburg is not the best idea.  So I go back to Mark's place to take advantage of the spare bedroom.  (Mark just bought a new vacuum cleaner, about which he's very excited, and his carpets are very clean!)  The next day:


Mark = goombah.



And now a chess game with Myachislav....I lose.  Yes, that's Mark mocking the picture of me from my Manassas page on this site.