Comfort Inn, Danville, Virginia, July 14, 2004


Danville, VA: "A World Class Organization."  Huh?


Here's my headliner, James Dobson.  He's huge!


During and after the show, which is held in the banquet room, there is an open mic jam in the hotel bar.  I sneak over during the show and immediately make friends with this man, of the tobacco business, and of a generous nature compelling him to share his hot wings with me.


After coaxing, I decide I can't pass up a chance to show off Merlot.  I've never jammed before.  Here, the band backs me up while I play an original composition ... a little tune I wrote called, "Merlot's Second" (as it was the second tune I wrote).  This tonight is one of my life's coolest experiences.



Here are Joe and Rick, a couple musicians out for the jam session.


Joe tries on Merlot.


Rick tries on Merlot.  Check out his music on his site:


Jerry Wade, one of the guys in the band.


By the way, I have a very nice room on the fifth floor of a motel on a hill, and I've got a balcony.  Here's tonight's view.