The MVP, Daleville, Alabama, June 8, 2005


Our hotel has theme rooms, and with To Kill a Mockingbird being one of my very favorite books, I choose the Harper Lee Room.  They are pretty light on their themes (the only thing really interesting in mine is a cool poster from the movie, and I LOVE Gregory Peck), BUT, it is a very, very, very nice room, and I'm rarely treated to a down comforter when I'm on the road.  Actually, this may be the first time ever.


Here's my new friend, headliner, Steve Hurst, again, who's treating us to a yummy fajita feast.  Mmmmm.


Daleville is an army base town, with guys drug in from all over.  Here I am pictured with Michael and Shane -- both from central Pennsylvania, and one even happens to be from the tiny little town I live in!!


After the show, Steve and I desperately raid a gas station (food is scarce this time of night) to get ourselves a late-night feast.  And feast, we do.  Again.