In the foreground is Randy's back.  We will from here on refer to Randy as Captain Randy, because he's the organizer and leader of this operation (and he also happens to love Captain Morgan rum).  Captain Randy selected park-and-ride as our best option for getting to Chicago.  Here we enter the train station.


A train ticket vending machine.  These things are lousy, because they don't take bills higher than fives.  We all scramble for fives, singles, and pocket change until everyone gets a ticket.




Our traveling group: Katie, Jenn, Brian, Mike,



Randy, and me (very tired!! we're up early!!).



My first time on foot inside Chicago.  And a quick foot it is!  Captain Randy is rushing us in so we can get good seats (bleachers is general admission).



To the subway!


Which becomes the el' ... and here's my first look at Wrigley as we dismount the train.  There's a slight reflection of my head on this photo, because it's taken through a window.


And the rush to our bleachers entrance.


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