We do indeed get some good seats, and get to catch some batting practice.



Here's THE Bill Murray, warming up his pitching arm.  I do have an awesome camera, but it could be much awesomer, so just follow the yellow circles and take my word for it that it's him.


Game not even begun, and already the leavings of peanuts and beer.


If you're going to jump on the band wagon, do it right!!!


Let's get the boys on the field!


And raise that 2003 National League Central Division championship flag!


Here's Bill, getting ready to throw out the first pitch.


Bill waving to ME!  Or, perhaps merely the bleacher section.


I'm picking my nose. 


Most buildings surrounding the stadium have bleachers on their rooftops.  Very cool.


Play ball!


The electronic scoreboard is horribly run throughout the game.  Yes, at this point, the Pittsburgh Pirates are slaughtering the rumps of the Chicago Cubs, but it's not a 0-10 score; it's some other number on the way to the 2-13 embarrassment.  And it's not the first inning.  This is the 9th ... you can tell because the seats are emptied out, as the fans have given up.  Whatever ... I wish the Cubs were doing better, but I'm still having an awesome time!



Us kids at the game.  From left: me, Brian, Randy, Ben (from a group that met us there), Katie, Jenn, and Mike.


Hope it was worth it, buddy.


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