The Obscure Cafe, Cookeville, Tennessee, May 26, 2005


My stopping point for my night off before Cookeville is Champaign, IL.  I stay with my good friend Matt (nope, not a comic), who is an outstanding host!


Matt grills dinner for me!!


And poses with the pink pony for me.


Here is the outstanding chicken Matt prepares.  Cooking is one of Matt's great hobbies.  He's also great for carpentry work and computer repair.



Matt's super-cool cat, George.  He has another cat, too, but the other one isn't super-cool like George.  Typically the case in two-cat households.


After we inhale our chicken, we continue with food discussion, during which Matt explains to me a killer grilled onion he made once.  So we decide he needs to make it again.  Melts in your mouth.


Now on to Cookeville (the whole town smells like honeysuckle!!!) for the show at the Obscure, which is a beautiful "live music club."  Beautiful bar area, awesome menu, killer stage and sound system, unique original art on the walls (for sale, gallery-esque), clean, hospitable.  Everything here is done right, all details attended to.  Inspiring to see this kind of bar.  Unexpected to see it in small town, TN.


Cool sign, eh?  I thought so!  My name in lights!!!


Dave, the owner, with Kurt Green, the headliner.


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