East TN visit:


I have two pages from my East Tennessee visit.  Click "NEXT" at the bottom, and you won't miss a thing!


First, from my stay at my good friend, Nicola's place:


Here's Nicola, phoning a friend.


A great highlight in my visits in the past couple years is Nicola's beautiful, sweet, high-photogenic little boy, James.  He's so cute, even when he's all messy!


The whole family:  Nicki, James, and Tom.


James is very good at hoisting himself up into the chair and squirming in next to me.  And my camera provides endless fun for him.  James is two now, but also loved my camera last year; click here to revisit James at one.



See, endless.


Now I catch him watching TV.  That furry butt on my lap is the Belle, the coolest cat in the whole world.  The best thing about Nicki's house, is always being buried in critters.


Here's what James is so tuned in to:  Blue's Clues.  I discover it's actually a cool show!  I love the blue dog.


The other critter in the household:  Guido the beagle.



He's a very lazy beagle.



Some of my occasions on the couch.  Reading with Belle on my belly (and in the bottom corner, you can barely see a chunk of Guido's butt), and Guido later climbs up for some quality spooning.



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