I cross the street on the side to walk through the cemetery at the Trinity Cathedral.  Beautiful place with ancient grave markers and giant trees who's branches are held up by cables.


The Trinity Cathedral.  Beautiful.



And back over to the State House grounds, where the other front of the building, this one facing away from the downtown streets and into a complex of government buildings.  The horseman is a monument to Wade Hampton.


This side of the building is deja vu.


There's Strom, heading up this end's view.


A Liberty Bell replica.  Taste of home.


"To the South Carolina Women of the Confederacy.  Reared by the Men of Their State."


My final view of the State House.


Talk about perfect timing:  I return to my motel just before Lamont, a federal police officer who moonlights as a bouncer at the club, drops by with his motorcycle to ride me around the rest of Columbia ... the lake, the damn, a flea market, and the mini donuts are outstanding.  And I always love a bike ride!



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