Savannah (night):


I arrive in Savannah, where Mary has a condo downtown in the shopping district.  Her lovely boyfriend, Sam, takes us out for sushi at a little restaurant down the street.  Outstanding birthday dinner!


Mary ... and another view of the restaurant.

I get a few pictures from our walk back and also in the square by Mary's condo.


We return to the condo so Mary won't miss tonight's new episode of 24.


Mary's darlings: Darby, Brutus, and Sam.

We make it out on the street again, and our first stop is an English pub.


The crowded interior as scene from our table where we each have a pint.

As of tonight, we can call it a tradition that every time I come to Savannah, I must go to ... well, I can't remember the name of the place; I always just call it, "that bar we always end up at."


The sauce, and Scott, the kind master of the sauce.


Mary and me.

Finally, old and 26 as of the turning of the 24th hour, I feel the need for a cheeseburger, and Mary and Sam accompany me to a little 24-hour diner.


They are a charmingly cute couple.


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