Coastal Birthday Extravaganza! April 3 thru April 4, 2006


Another birthday, another adventure to plan.  Hampered by the day job, frugality, and the insistence upon celebrating my birthday on my actual birthday, I made a fine selection from my limited options.  The night before my birthday, I drive to Savannah, Georgia, to celebrate with my good friend Mary.  On my birthday, I will awake in this beautiful city and then head on to another nearby favorite: Charleston, South Carolina.  For the final stop on the trip, I wavered between Wilmington and Myrtle Beach, but I finally decide to head to Myrtle Beach, where Michael, another good friend, is working at the Comedy Cabana.  Great food, great drink, great shopping, great sights, and great friends make this yet another outstanding birthday extravaganza.

Click the pictures below, which link to different chapters of the adventure.


SAVANNAH, GA (NIGHT) ...         ..... SAVANNAH, GA (DAY)


CHARLESTON, SC .........         ....... MYRTLE BEACH, SC