Myrtle Beach:


After doing enough damage in Charleston, I continue up the South Carolina coast to Myrtle Beach, to visit my close friend, Michael, otherwise known as comedian, MG, who's performing at the Comedy Cabana.  I'm even talked into doing a guest spot.


Here's the group from tonight:  Brian Young (making his stage debut with a guest spot), Richie Minervini (headliner), Shawn Small (feature), me, and MG (host).  I decide with a mix like this, we must form a boy band.


This is Pelle, the bartender.  He's much, much friendlier than he looks in this picture.  And no, he's not angry to have his picture taken.  I asked him if he wanted to be on my web site, and he said, "yes."  I think he's just trying to look mean.


And so ends my 26th birthday.  Dum dum dum dum dee dee .


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