I spend a day downtown.


Saturday afternoon, I go downtown and walk for a little more than two hours and take over 60 photos.  The sky is blue and beautiful, but just as I get into my car to return to the motel, a thunderstorm begins to dump on the peninsula.  Which explains why it is so windy as I walk along the waterfront.  These pictures are in chronological order, as taken.


Shops along King Street.


I walk out on a pier.  The bridges are the "scary" US-17 bridges we take to go between the motel and the club.  To the right is the northern shore, where the motel is.


This is taken from the pier, looking back towards the shore.


Another pier.


A closer look.  I'm on a pier beside this one.  I have the entire place to myself for a while, where I just sit and listen to the water for a little while.


I walk along the battery.


One of the waterfront houses along the battery.


I love the yellow house.


Waterfront Park.  Straight ahead is a wedding.


I take this one just because I think it'll make a cool silhouetted shot.


I love the blue house.


Spanish moss.


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