Friday in Charleston.


I'm working with Pat Godwin, a wonderful guy, genius musician, and one of the rare comics whose show I love watching, not just the first time, but every time I work with him.  Friday afternoon I hang out with him a little while he works out some new songs for the CD he'll be recording the following week.  This is a quick sketch I do with a pen while he wiggles a lot.


We drive from the hotel to the club.  Charleston has got some very cool old bridges.  Here you can see the rickety railing of one of the bridges, another in the distance, and the construction of a new bridge.  We all ask, if the old ones are fine, what's the hurry with the new one???


Here's Pat warming up before the show as we wait for our boss, Tony Kemp to show up.


This is the future new location of the club.  The Comedy Zone is moving up the street into a larger space, opening in August.


Another shot of the new space under construction.  As you can tell, it's in a very cool older building.


Pat Godwin and I kill the rest of our time before the show at the cool Irish pub, Tommy Condon's.


A horse.  This was taken walking back to the club.


The metal frog is kind enough to pose for a picture with me.  On the way back to Tommy Condon's after the show.


Some Irish music inside the pub.


A man in a kilt!


Now a walk to catch some evening sights.  This is the cemetery outside St. Phillip's Church.


And the church itself.  The shadows on the pillars are from the trees.


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