Jokers, Cedar Falls, Iowa, August 18 thru August 19, 2006


The first part of our adventure in Cedar Falls is headliner, Scott Bennett, and I going to do radio on Corey Ford's show (KCRR).  I always enjoy radio with Corey.


In the studio with me is Panera Bread's unparalleled iced green tea.  Corey provides an appropriate coaster.


At the club, I enjoy seeing Gary, the DJ, again.  He shares the wonderful news that he is now engaged.  Yea, Gary!


Saturday night, immediately after my set, I leave for the 19-hour, 1200 mile trip home.  In the first hour of my drive, I get the unexpected treat of driving by a fireworks show.


So how does someone do a 19-hour, all-night drive?  RED BULL!!!!