Jokers, Cedar Falls, Iowa, September 19 thru September 20, 2003



When I check into the motel, the lady at the front desk is very nice, and she gives me her favorite room.  It happens to be twice as big as the rest (you see only half of it in the photo on the left), with big windows in the corner, with flowers in the window boxes, I've also got trees outside the window, and my room has a fridge and a microwave!  Plus a neat 50s pink bathroom.  Very cozy.  The photo on the right is me taking advantage of the lovely atmosphere -- I settle in for some serious work on my screenplay.


Here's me with Dale Jones, whom I'm working with this week, and who is one of the funniest guys I've ever worked with.  Very, very entertaining.


These are the guys working the door showing me their collection of keys which have been left at the bar.


This is Kendall.  He buys me french fries.