Niagara Falls


I'm so close.  It's snowing a smidge.  I must go and see how the Falls look in the winter.


I catch this photo where I park my car.  One of those sit-outside-and-drink-beer-and-watch-the-game places.  Empty and dusted with snow.



First, I stop for a romantic lunch for one at one of the Italian Restaurants, Mama Mia's.  Chicken cacciatore and a dry white wine imported from Italy.


Then off for my walk along the falls and the Niagara River.  Here's me ready to brave the cold.  Look, my nose is already pink.


The Horseshoe Falls edged in snow.  Notice only one other tourist in the photo.


The American Falls with layers and layers of ice piled on the rocks.


A closer look at the same photo: these are small rocks with thick layers of ice .... At first I thought they were big rocks.


Look, no tourists at an overlook.  Compare this to my photos from September.  Compare the photos of the American Falls while you're at it.


And the place isn't fully accessible.


The mist from the Horseshoe Falls leave a thick layer of ice on everything.



Yes, everything.


Including me.  This is my sleeve and what I thought was (and began as) water droplets.


I don't foresee anyone using these today.  Not that anyone else is up this way.



I extend my walk to more than an hour and a half .... Here's where I walk past the Horseshoe Falls and along the Niagara River above them.  Yeah, I freeze my butt off!  And make for a nice red, wind-burnt face this evening.


The main street along the falls and river.  Empty.  To perhaps give you an idea of how far I walk today, these same buildings are photographed from a distance on the other side in my first photo of the Horseshoe Falls above.  The snowfall on the ground is from today, mostly from the few hours I'm here.


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