at the condo....


The Comix Cafe keeps up a rather swell condo, and this week, the ladies have it to ourselves....


The headliner and my condo mate is Mary Anne Nichols, an extraordinarily fun and funny 68-year-old woman.  Here she is baffled at the quantity of remote controls at the condo.


Not only does Mary Anne leave the seat down and not try to grab my rear end, she also fixes a heck of a snack!



Not that I needed it ....  The condo is STOCKED with food!



Here's me after the shows Friday night discovering the supreme Tombstone pizza in the freezer ... to the right I have a closer look at the manic look in my eyes.


My time in the condo is spent fiddling on my computer, having endless conversation with Mary Anne on every topic from sex to nutrition to politics, and cuddling my new baby, a Fender acoustic named Merlot.  I just got her this week.  No photo does her beautiful burgundy color justice.


And LOOK!  A TV in the FEATURE's room!


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