at the club....


The club.


Here's the lineup .... Mary Anne, Phil (MC), and me.


Randy and Karen Reese, the owners.  Lovely folks.  Here they're in the club office.


Phil onstage.  He's hysterically funny.  Made me cackle.


Phil watching TV during the show.  Look how innocent he looks.


Mary Anne onstage.  Also hysterically funny.



Left: Dave the general manager; right: Mike, a bartender.  These photos are taken as Dave makes the point that he takes lousy photos.  Mike makes an effort to top him. 


Paul, the sound and video guy.  A great guy.  I must say that everyone on staff at this club is quite nice, and very ready to take care of the comics.  This is one of the most welcoming clubs I've ever worked.


Tracy, a bartender.  This is a reaction shot during her conversing with a bar patron.  I tell her this is going on my website.  She doesn't believe me.


Me with Bob, who answers the phone, takes tickets, and throws out rowdy audience members.  You can see a spot of blood on his elbow from a Saturday night experience.  The setup is this: second show Saturday, lobby/bar area packed, boxing match on the big screen with a local guy, Joe Mesi, as one of the contestants ... close match, goes all 10 rounds, and Joe wins by one point during the decision.  Yeah, someone got a little loud and unruly at the bar.  Thanks for keeping him out of my audience, Bob.


Some kids after the second show on Saturday.  Saturday second show (and I wonder if it's contributed to by the boxing match, or just being late night Saturday) is the most laid-back, fun, loud crowd of the week ... I think ... hard to judge because Buffalo was great to Mary Anne and I all weekend.



Mary Anne talking to some bikers after a show ... and then Mary Anne sitting at the bar after a show.


An interesting photo I shoot of myself sitting at the bar after the Thursday show.


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