day trip to Frankenmuth ...


Frankenmuth, Michigan is known as "Little Bavaria," with it's Main Street showing off it's more that 150-year-old German heritage.  It's sort of like a mini Gatlinburg (TN) with more cheese (see the fifth photo down), but much less cheese.  I arrive early, before the shops open, and walk around town for three hours, in time for all the shops to open up and suck in a little bit of my cash.  I obtain cheese, chocolate, beer, wine, a ceramic fish that makes me laugh, and a bumper sticker that reads, "It's hard to be humble when you're a German."  What, you thought I was Irish?

The first two photos are of the Bavarian Inn, which is where I park my car and begin my tour.  Next is the covered bridge, just behind the Inn.  You can figure out the rest.









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