I begin today leaving Nicola's house.  I stop in Dayton to pick up a hundred T-shirts.  Then to the Detroit Metro Airport to pick up the headliner.  Now on to Brimley, Michigan.


Lawrence Thomas riding shotgun.


We stop at a small gas station in the middle of nowhere.


We pass by a beautiful sunset.


A look at the moon through a northern Michigan rest area.


And again from the rest area's outlook.


Finally crossing the Mackinac bridge to reach the upper peninsula.


Skies so dark and stars so bright, I'm able to capture the big dipper on my camera.  I do this by sitting it on the roof of my car, pointed up, and hoping to capture something.  Initial this photo is black .... it takes some adjusting in a photo editing program to get all of these stars to appear.


And we reach the hotel.  Here's the moose above the fireplace.


Home sweet home.


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