Lawrence and I decide to spend some time today at the driving range.


Get mean, Lawrence!


My small effort.


Ok, that was fun ... I'm in the mood to play nine holes.  Here's a view from the top.  Beautiful course.


Down the cliffside ... no hands!!


Let's not forget to mention that this course is a swamp.  Given that spring hasn't arrived here yet, I'm assuming maybe all the snow just melted yesterday.


Lawrence tees off.


I do some damage.


Look at the lay of this ball!  Yes, I hit the cart.


Woohoo!  I made it onto the fairway!!!


Ninth hole, and I've got this canyon to get over.  Given that I can drive 100 yards at best, I decide to tee up on the fairway.


Not even close.  Here's me fetching my ball in the slimy, muddy canyon.


One more try.  Well, at least I got it on the far hill this time.  And my game ends here.  I can't hit the ball in the clown's mouth.


Brat: good idea!


Our muddy shoes.


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