Holiday Inn, Bluefield, West Virginia, March 17, 2004


Two funny chicks.  St. Patrick's Day.  Oh, the fun!


This one starts off much like my last time in Bluefield.  A photo of me feeling sorry for myself.  Tonight I have a cold and I declare to everyone that I'm going to die.  This is me pouting drinking hot tea with honey.


But now really, I don't think one can call in sick to having fun.  Two cups of hot tea and a dose of DayQuil later:  I'm working with Julie Scoggins, and we have an awesome show!  Here we are doing a St. Patrick's Day toast.  During her show.  Which I interrupt.


Julie working her magic onstage.  She had me downright screaming as I watched from the back.


Me and Julie.  Chicks rule! 

Oh, yeah, she's a foot taller than me.



The finals of the frozen T-shirt contest.


Julie makes a friend.


Folks getting down on the dance floor.  And have a closer look...............'s St. Patty's Day in West Virginia: bust out the camo!!!


Here's me tonight.  I have no pockets, so everything is shoved in my belt.  I feel like Batman!!!  Business cards, markers for signing T-shirts, Iraqi money with Saddam on it, given to me by one of our boys who just got back, and my room key. 


Julie and I with the nice young man who came right from his work as a cook at a country club to come join our show and party.  I'm supposed to get breakfast with him and his buddies, but..........



Me with a biker.  The biker's hair which I braided.  Julie hanging with the bikers.


And of course, let's go call people!!!  Julie and I head back to my room to break out our cell phones and call cool folks we both know.  And cool folks we don't both know.  (And disclaimer on Julie's behalf: she has this odd look on her face because she hates my camera's flash.)  We get so caught up that I return too late for my breakfast date.  Yep, I stood the poor cooks up.  I'm mean.