Holiday Inn, Bluefield, West Virginia, September 24, 2003


Ok, so I've put 10,000 miles on my car in the last 6 weeks, I was home for just one night last night, with all my time taken up by unpacking and repacking, and I had to get up early, so here's me after I check into the Holiday Inn, after another 6 hours of driving, just very, very, very tired.


But the show goes great, and I have so much fun!  Here's me after the show.  See....still very, very, very tired, but very happy, as well.


I'm working with my dear friend Tom Foss again.  Here's Tom with Thomas, the DJ (left).  I had to get a picture of the Toms who both opted to wear, as I called it, their pajamas. 


Me and my beloved snack machine at the end of the night.  Mmmm.  Junk food.