out in Biloxi


Paul takes me out to get some seafood.  Here's our appetizer: alligator sausage.  Yum!  Follow that with some grilled tuna, and I'm quite well satisfied.


Then Paul takes me to see all the fishing boats in the marina.  I get many photos as the sun sets.


Then I MUST go dip my toes in the Gulf.  So far, toes in sand ....


Ah, toes in water, and how lovely it feels!!


Paul joins me.


The moon rises over the Gulf.  A full moon, and the most beautiful moon I've ever seen.  There's no way I could get a good enough photo of it.


Paul shows off his workplace.


And then onto the Beau Rivage, Biloxi's finest casino.  And fine, indeed.  I play roulette for the first time, and I leave ahead $75, thanks to the slots.


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