Paul's Place


First, I'll inform that this is my first time in Mississippi.  Here's the welcome sign through my bug-spattered windshield - enough dead bugs to hurt my gas mileage.


Next, an important fact about Paul:  He likes coffee.


Paul's cat, Five.  (Named after the CAT 5 cable (high speed-internet chord).)


The lovely view from Paul's balcony.  The best of Biloxi apartment living.


Paul in uniform ... just getting in from work.  He's a Captain in the Air Force.


Me very partially in uniform.  Doesn't suit me.


On the left is Rob, Paul's "Kramer."  Here is where Rob and his friend, Tom drop by Tuesday afternoon.


Rob's porch, or, as I call it, the "redneck balcony."  You can see the mini-fridge, but the coffee can full of cigarette butts is not visible.  By the time these photos arrive online, Rob's mini-fridge will be painted John Deer green, with a John Deer logo and yellow flames.


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