Now I head downstairs ...


Brian, the bouncer, and also part-time audience member.  Why are bouncers always big white guys with shaved heads and goatees?


I just won $5 at Keno!  My first time ever winning!  I'm excited!


Eric, the DJ at one of the bars.


Jim, the bar manager, and also the MC for tonight's comedy show.


This is a guy I caught bustin' a flash move on the dance floor.  By the fridge.



I find myself a bowling partner and suit up!  Here you have me showing off my bowling shows, and my partner, Chris, with his kicks.


Blacklight bowling.  cool.


My first ball, I throw a strike!  (The "K" stands for "Kamikaze"; "PC" means "Phat Chris.")


An open-shutter shot of Chris bowling.