This is my favorite part of the aquarium.  It's an oval descent from the surface of the ocean down into the depths where the sharks lurk.  Obviously, the surface is pictured here.


This is looking down into the water at the top.


A couple views of the ramps leading down.


A lower-level look.  At one spot, you can look all the way through and see people who are in the center area of the aquarium looking back at you.


The sharks are very hard to photograph.  Most of my pictures from the aquarium are taken by holding my camera right against the glass and taking a photo without a flash.  It's too dark down here to do that, unless the sharks are very still (and they're not).  The photo on the left is my best effort with a flash as a shark swims by.  The one on the right is a shark lying up against the glass, except the glass doesn't go all the way to the bottom, so I am just able to photograph the fins.


This one moves a couple times, but mostly stays settled and keeps very still, and because there's a decent light source, I'm able to get some shots.


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