a night in Moab ...


High tourist season at Arches hasn't wound down just yet, so there's only a couple motels left in town (Moab, Utah, the only thing nearby).  I stumble into the first motel I see with "vacancy" on the sign.  It's the Redstone Inn, and it only cost $56 with tax.  Trust me, that's good.



A pleasant surprise: look how cool my room is!!  I love the rustic.



And I'm diggin' the posters for decor.


Map of southeastern Utah.  Cool.


Four semesters of German under my belt, and I kind of know what this note says.  I'm quite amused that there's no English version of it around.  Hope it's not too important.


I have an outstanding dinner at the Moab Brewery, a walk away from the motel, and recommended by the lady at the front desk.    This photo is my attempt to photograph the sign, but I fail.  (If that's not ok with you, than you can buy me a digital camera with more manual controls.)  You can see the restaurant on the right.


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