The little stacks of rocks on the big rock -- they're what's used to mark out the hiking trails.  In a lot of places, you'd get lost if they weren't there, because the trails aren't obvious.  The little photo on the right is a closer look.



I come to a spot where there are thousands of little rock stacks, so I jump on the bandwagon and add my own.  All I can find lying around are little pebbles.


Here's a better look at all the little piles.  The holes in the rock in the background are filled with little stacks, too.


Navajo arch.  The furthest point in my hike.  (There's a little more to do, but I'm already more than 2 miles from my car, low on water, and enough is enough!)


Me in the Navajo Arch.


Inside the Navajo Arch is like a cave without a roof.


Inside looking out.


Heading back down the trail.  Yes, this is a trail.




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