day one, digital ...


I arrive at about 5:00 or 5:30 PM, so I catch some awesome shadows, and then, of course, some sunset colors.  These are all photos taken with my digital camera.  A couple are crooked, so I straighten them up, but other than that, they aren't cropped.  I don't have captions for all of them; they don't all need them.  Photos are posted in the order taken.  Though it may seem like it, these are not all my photos from Arches.  Just a lot of them.  There are four pages of photos linked together here, so be sure to keep clicking, "NEXT" at the bottom of each page. 


This photo and the next show the great wall of red rock I drive up and around to enter the park.


Seeing the road here can give you an idea of how high the wall is.







Check out the mountain peaks in the distance on the right.


You can see the road in this photo.  Imagine driving through all this!





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