VFW, Duncansville, Pennsylvania, July 30, 2005


Two days before I'm to leave residence in my native Pennsylvania to move down south again - this time to North Carolina - I travel to nearby Altoona for a gig at the VFW with my goodest friend, Mark Matusof, and we rock the VF'n house!


The first thing to speak of is my lovely hotel room, which includes:


1) A leather recliner!


2) A fax machine!


3) The best "in case you forgot" stash I've ever seen!


4) An adjoining room occupied by a hairy Romanian.


Now, the VFW itself:


A sweet photo of Mark and I.


A super-cool photo of Mark and I.


The ladies at the VFW love Mark, so he indulges them and tears it up on the dance floor.