the other stuff ...


Father-son talent.  This is radio DJ, Stan, with his teenage son, Brett; the two share the MC slot this week.



From the family who owns the club, this is the beautiful Sanaa, my buddy for the week.  She takes me shopping and to the local pool/water park.  With her in the picture on the right is headliner, The Real John King.


Here I am with Tony, one of the owners, killing time next door to the club.  Tony also owns a cigar shop, Smoker's Den, with the largest walk-in humidor's I've seen.


When I visit the cigar shop, Sanaa takes me into the store's kitchen and fixes me a Mediterranean snack.



Carl is the man behind the bar at Hilarities.  A lovely man, a hard worker, and yeah, he can do a George Carlin.


Stan helps Carl out with his after-show duties.


Another friend of the club, Tim, who is kind enough to take me for a ride on his motorcycle between shows on Saturday night.


Carl'in again.


And these final photos are from my visit to Carl's place:


He has a nice kitchen, with lots of nice toys ...



... where I cook us a little snack.


Carl also has pretty kittens ...


... and one of these fantastic creatures.


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