Ramada Inn, Aberdeen, South Dakota, August 9, 2006


Back on the road in Minnesota.


In North Dakota now, heading south.  So I've now actually driven from North Carolina to North Dakota in four days.


Here's a sign you won't see back East.


A rest area in South Dakota.  Perfectly shows that there's lots of ... nothing ... in South Dakota.  I love it for that.


Last time I saw this, it looked like this.


Construction stops us (Tom and I are convoying) along a country road in South Dakota.  So I get some pictures of cranes.


Tom Foss onstage.  The club is in the basement of the Ramada.  Great crowd tonight.


We stay over another night in Aberdeen, because we have a night off.  I get this picture of an interesting gas pump as we head out.


I capture this as well.  In case you can't tell, this one little building is a cafe/casino/hotel.